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ABOUT - Nelson Monteiro


His Approach:

Picture an intense driving scene in your head… How can we bring it to life? Given the thousands of hours behind the wheel of all types of vehicles, not to mention the hours of wrenching on these cars so that they will perform their best when it’s Go Time, Nelson will provide feedback to make your desired scene into reality and "automotively" accurate. He knows what makes sense both visually and how to make it possible. Being an aggressive driver, but still communicative and receptive is his key balance. 


Born and raised in a city just north of Toronto, Nelson’s addiction to vehicles and taking them to their limit started at a very young age. Along the way, Nelson wanted to capture this entertainment, which led to numerous self-made films in all sorts of legal stunt and racing scenes. The love of film making set-sail as he continues to follow his passion for stunt scenes and motorsports. 

Nelson started life on wheels with BMX freestyle riding, dirt-biking and competitive go-kart racing all between the ages of 6 to 10. Continuing with karting, then into cars, the destiny of being a professional stunt and race car driver was in his long-term goals.

Having taken on an array of competitive motorsports, Nelson has taken home the championships (and if not, runner-up champion) of the following forms of motorsports:

  • Drifting (2015 Regional Champion)

  • Rally (2011 Regional Champion)

  • Ice Racing (2009 Regional co-Champion)

  • Road Racing (2010 Regional co-Champion)

  • Go-Karting (2007 Mosport Kart Champion)​

These were the results of not only being passionate about driving, but also about spending sleepless nights preparing the cars for success.

The experience did not end at only competitive motorsports, Nelson channeled his love of driving into becoming a hired driver for demo rides for performance and charity events, to promote companies like Porsche, Ford and Toyota.

His work as a precision driver / stunt performer can be found at the Portfolio Page

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